3 Reasons to Register for BoxWorks Developer Day

BoxWorks is approaching rapidly, and those of us on the platform team couldn’t be more excited about Developer Day. Not just because we love talking about our API (we really do), but because we know that some of our customers don’t yet know how our platform can make their experience with Box even better. When you’re booking your ticket to BoxWorks, grab your IT Admin and get him a ticket to Developer Day – trust me, you’ll be glad you did. If you don’t want to take my word for it, here are a few reasons why you should:

Learn how to customize your Box deployment

At Box, we strive to build a powerful, versatile service that's useful in every type of business. And our platform allows our customers to tailor Box to the specific needs of their industry or use case by building unique workflows or integrations with their other systems.

Some of the most interesting examples of this customization are applications built by NOUSguide, an innovative development company that has built custom iPad apps powered by our API for our customers who want to make sure that their workers in the field are always connected. NOUSguide's August Kampfer will be giving a session about their work, offering insight into how your business can benefit from custom applications built on our platform.

Tips from our platform experts

We've always been proponents of eating one's own dog food, especially when it comes to our platform. That's why our sync tool and mobile apps are all built using our API.

Our internal developers are some of the foremost experts on how to best implement our API, which is why we've asked them to talk about best practices. They'll be offering a couple of sessions that cover not only the API itself, but also our libraries and App2App framework, which make integrating your existing apps a breeze.

Dig deep into our most powerful features

Our API covers virtually all of the functionality of Box - you can upload and download files, add tags and comments, access version history and do just about anything else that you need. Our platform, however, extends beyond what our web application can do.

For example, with event notifications, your application can be instantly notified whenever changes happen on Box allowing you to make sure that your custom application always has current, accurate information about your account. We also offer instant mode, which gives you a seamless, easy way you to provision storage to your users. Developer Day will include sessions about both of these features, led by the very people who designed them. You'll leave with a thorough understanding of how to make your Box deployment even more powerful.

Beyond that, Developer Day attendees also have access to both the morning keynote from our own CEO, Aaron Levie, and the afternoon keynote, which features Clayton Christensen, HBS professor and cofounder of Innosight. Once the day ends, Dev Day attendees are welcome to come join us at the afterparty for a night of drinks, music and good company. Tickets are only $199, so register today!