3 Ways The Cloud is Moving Government Organizations Forward

More and more, we're seeing government organizations across the country turn to Box for easy, cost-effective collaboration and file sharing. Recently, we paid a visit to Columbia, MO to see how Robert Simms, Director of IT, is using the cloud to transform how his community operates – starting at city hall.

Here are the 3 ways the City of Columbia, MO and countless other organizations are using the cloud to boost efficiency and better serve citizens:

Eliminating Paper

Sadly, many people still rely on paper to get their work done, and in large government organizations, finding the correct information often requires looking through hundreds of pages to find the right the document. Every day, countless hours are spent simply looking for information, resulting in frustrated workers and citizens.

"We had several reference manuals we had to carry out with us when we went to the field. We had to reference our schematics through large books and filter that information." – Scott Lutz, Communications Tech Advisor

With Box, government workers can upload all their important documents to the cloud – and ditch paper-filled notebooks and binders for good. Even better, features like full-text search let City of Columbia employees find the information they need in a matter of seconds.

Empowering Mobile Workers

Half of City of Columbia's 1,300 employees are already mobile, making them an untapped resource for productivity in the field. After employees upload content to Box, they can easily access it from anywhere – whether they're using an iPhone, Android Tablet, Windows Phone or other device.

"What Box allowed us to do was put one document out in the field. If one department updated, it was reflected immediately for all the other departments to use." – Robert Simms, Director of IT

Workers are already using smart phones and tablets while on the go, so smart organizations are taking advantage of this by making it easy for them access content outside the office. All employees have to do is download the Box app (or navigate to m.box.com) to view and edit their important files from anywhere.

Decreasing Response Times

Above all, government workers are tasked with providing their community with crucial – and sometimes, life-saving – services. Whether they're police officers or firefighters, having anytime, anywhere access to information means employees can focus on helping citizens – not on looking through binders or heading back to the office to find critical information.

"With one click of the mouse, our instant commander can immediately find information at a fire, such as the location of a gas shutoff." – Tim Bach, Fire Lieutenant

Bottom line: The cloud makes it easy for government organizations to do more with less. Check out our video below for more on how the City of Columbia is transforming their community with the cloud.