3 Ways to Make Box Your Marketing Team's Secret Weapon

We're big on using our own product. While other companies sometimes refer to this as "dogfooding," we prefer the term, "drinking our own champagne." :) Regardless of what you want to call it, our marketing team is really big on using Box, and I honestly can't imagine doing business without it.

In addition to making day-to-day collaboration and document management a breeze – especially when working with external parties – Box is the fuel that keeps our marketing engine running. I focus a big chunk of my time on content marketing, which means I leverage content as both a branding and demand generation tool. And it's definitely not a stretch to say Box has emerged as my personal power tool for content tracking, distribution and management.

For demand generation, Box has completely changed how I post, disseminate and manage marketing assets. Here are 3 ways to make it part of your marketing team's arsenal of must-have tools:

Easily upload and share assets

Your marketing team likely has case studies, whitepapers and customer testimonials they want to share. Instead of hosting it on your marketing site – which can be a cumbersome, lengthy process – why not put it on Box? In just a few seconds, you'll have easy-to-share, persistent URL that your content lives at. You can even use our new custom URL feature to give your asset a professional, catchy name, like MyDomain.Box.com/BoostYourSales. Also cool: With Box's different sharing options, you can give your targeted prospects two experiences to choose from – view or download.

Edit, update and swap out content

After you've uploaded a case study or whitepaper, you may need to update it the future when you have new data or better information to share. Instead of killing your old URL and uploading a new document, simply upload a new version. This is much easier than going back and changing all the URLs on your marketing site.

Get tracking beyond the click-through

With most of URL shorteners, all you get is information about how many people have clicked through to your content. With Box, you can get true engagement metrics around both views and actual downloads, which is incredibly valuable for you and your sales team. Now you can arm sales reps with the information they need to reach out to prospects and close deals, and you can even set up email notifications to see when someone is interacting with your content.

There are a ton of different ways to use Box for marketing, but I think these tips will get you off to a great start. Are you already using Box to bolster your efforts? Let us know how in the comments below or on Twitter.