5 Invaluable Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Thinking of starting your own company? Our CEO recently visited Stanford (just a few minutes from Box HQ) to speak to students about what it takes to deliver innovation in the enterprise, and to share lessons learned from his experiences as a co-founder of Box. In addition to giving students an inside look at Box's beginnings and insight into Box's culture, Aaron provided 5 solid pieces of advice for entrepreneurs:

Do something that was not possible three years ago.

Do something you are extremely passionate about.

Don’t compromise.

If you feel comfortable, you’re probably not doing it right.

Don’t write your obituary too early.

Check out the clip below to hear him elaborate on why these 5 things are so important for anyone starting a company:

To hear Aaron talk about everything from starting a company with friends to maintaining a culture of innovation, watch the entire hour-long presentation over at Stanford's Entrepreneurship Corner.

Post By Mark Saldaña, Community Manager