5 New Things You Can Do with Email Notifications

Our biggest focus at Box has always been helping you easily share content and collaborate with coworkers on important documents. One way we do this is through Box email notifications, which keep you up to date by sending emails whenever a colleague comments on an important document or when certain activities occur in one of your folders, like file downloads and uploads.

We’re completely revamping email notifications today in order to give users and admins more granular control over the types of emails you receive. Existing Box users won’t notice much of a difference right off the bat since we’ve mapped your existing settings to our new ones, but we want to be sure you know about new ways to update your account settings if you’re ready for a change. And, if you’re new to Box, this should help get you started on setting up your notifications and staying up-to-date on the latest changes with your content. Without further ado, here are five new ways to customize your Box email notifications:

  • Control which activities prompt notifications. From within the settings page, you can now enable or disable notifications for file previews, downloads, uploads, deletions, comments and discussions. This lets you decide what notifications you get for which, if any, of these types of activities.
  • Customize notifications based on ownership. Once you update your default settings, you can also decide if you want to be notified differently based on folders you own vs. folders you’ve joined. Set up your defaults for each to make sure you only get emails when you want to be in the loop.
  • Change settings for individual folders. Want to change notification options for a certain folder? No problem. You now have more granular control over these options; enable or disable individual types of updates (such as uploads, downloads and comments) by adjusting the folder properties.
  • Bundle similar notifications. We’ve removed the “once per login per day” setting since you can now customize more efficiently. To make sure you’re not overwhelmed by too many similar notifications, we’ll batch similar updates together into one consolidated email when multiple actions happen within a folder.
  • Disable all notifications. You can now choose to disable all notifications you get for an individual folder by adjusting the folder properties. Folder owners can also set this option for the collaborators within a specific folder – a great security feature if you don’t want updates sent automatically via email. Only folder owners or co-owners can change the setting once folder notifications are disabled.


As with many of our features, Enterprise account admins can customize notification settings or disable them completely across the entire account. One last change you’ll see when the notification updates roll out today: We’ve also reorganized our daily digest emails, so you’ll get a more concise and easier to navigate view of your daily Box activity. Check out this preview: (http://www.box.net/shared/h70bglfchjxitnimvmmj) We hope you’re as excited as we are for these changes to email notification settings. Keep the feedback coming – we love hearing from our customers!