7 Tips and Tricks for Using Your #Box50GB

Earlier this week, I brought you yet another post in our series of weekly tips on using your free 50 GB. Here are this week’s tips on getting the most out of your space in the cloud:

Make group projects not suck

Don't fear the dreaded "group project" anymore: Make them less stressful by inviting everyone on your team to a collaboration folder on Box, and use version control with classmates to keep track of the most recent version of a class project. Instead of fussing over minor details, spend time collaborating, leaving comments and being way more productive.

Avoid "email bankruptcy" 

What's "email bankruptcy," you ask?  It's when you give up on answering the insurmountable number of emails in your inbox – by simply checking them all and clicking "delete." Avoid this scenario entirely by keeping all your important documents and conversations organized in Box, rather than in never-ending email chains of doom.

Keep store receipts organized

It's becoming standard for retails stores to send receipts to an email address of your choice. Stay organized – and look very high-tech while doing it – by giving them your Box folder email address.

House hunt without the hassle

Everyone knows looking for a new place is a huge pain. Avoid stressing yourself out too much by keeping all your apartment-hunting documents in Box folders. You can even impress your potential landlord by sending them your application with a Box shared link!

Make brainstorming sessions count

If your brainstorms typically end with a whiteboard full of ideas, you know how tedious it is for someone to write down everything at the end of a meeting. What's even worse is when you don't save your notes, (and perhaps write "don't erase!" on the board) only to discover later that your ideas are gone forever. To avoid this lamentable situation, simply snap a picture of your whiteboard with an iPhone, then use the Box app to send your photo to the cloud.

Keep your Great American Novel safe and sound

If you're a writer, you know how good it feels to write out your next masterpiece in a notebook or – if you're feeling particularly hip – a typewriter. But what happens if you're hundreds of pages in and you lose all your work? Keep your bestseller where it belongs: In the Cloud.

Organize your club or team

Run a PTA or little league? Keep track of everything – and keep everyone else in the loop – by putting schedules and other documents on Box, then inviting interested parties as collaborators.

How have you been using your #Box50GB? Let us know on Twitter, or tell us in the comments below!

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