A Beautiful New Preview Experience on Box

You may remember the news from BoxWorks earlier this year, but we're excited to announce that our brand new document preview experience is now being rolled out to all Box users over the coming weeks. The new, content-focused design leverages HTML5 technology to provide a ton of usability improvements, and lays the groundwork to making Box preview the best content experience on the web.

Box is about securely connecting you with your business content - anywhere, anytime, and from any device. That’s why the new preview cuts the clutter, calling exclusive attention to your document. We listened to your feedback to determine the mission-critical context you need around your files, and then brought that info to the forefront (eliminating everything else). The result? A beautiful, clean experience we think you're going to love.


Actions like ‘share’, ‘download’, and ‘edit’ now reside in the simplified header, while other items have been relocated to the ‘more’ menu or removed entirely. This way, we show you only what you need to get work done, but still keep everything else handy.



We also made comments and tasks more accessible and useful by placing them next to the document in a sidebar – not buried below it.


The HTML5 technology gives you more control over your content. When the new preview is live in your account, you will immediately notice more beautiful documents, a smooth viewing experience, and the ability to run full text search and copy-paste right from the browser.

Additionally, our switch to HMTL5 will allow us more flexibility in supporting various mobile browsers and delivering new, frequently requested features like document annotation.

This is just the first step in the longer journey of making content previewing on Box the best experience possible. Over the following quarters, we'll continue to explore ways to improve with the goal of providing you the best content viewing experience in the world. We'd love your ideas too! Feel free to leave us feedback below or on our Twitter or Facebook page.