Amber's Feature Update: Fewer Emails, More Comments and Collaborator Search

Hey Boxers! We've got some cool feature updates for you this week, fresh from the lab. The new features include:

- A "Don't Email" option when you upload a file
- A search bar within the "Collaborators" page
- The ability to add comments when previewing images - view supported image types
- Make comments at the folder level

Save some e-trees with less emails
I'm personally excited about the new "Don't Email" checkbox that appears whenever you use the "Add Files" function. This allows you to turn off email notifications to all your Collaborators when uploading a file into a Shared (or blue) folder. Whenever you upload a file, just click the checkbox next to "Do not email collaborators about this upload". Don't worry - uploaded files are still visible to everyone collaborating on the folder, but they won't receive an email notification when you upload the file. Now you can make it clear when you're uploading a file you want everyone to be notified about versus those times you're uploading something that's useful, but not something of critical importance.


Find the right person from a long list of Collaborators
Have you amassed a long list of Collaborators and you find yourself scrolling through a long list just to get to the right person? Now you can rejoice, for we've added a search bar that allows you to go directly to the person you're looking for. Just navigate to the Collaborators page and you'll notice the shiny, new search bar below your profile icon.

Add comments to images in preview mode
While you've always been able to post comments on individual files, you can now add comments when previewing images. This is especially handy when you're viewing a folder with lots of images because you can now view large previews and add comments as you go.


Make comments at the folder level
In addition to making comments at the file level, you can now make comments at the folder level. It's a nice way to share your thoughts on a folder's entire body of work.

Cool things are brewing at - be sure to check the blog each week to get the latest word!

Cheers! And until next time, happy Boxing.

Post by Amber Nguyen, Support Supervisor