Announcing Box Dev 2014: Building Software for the Information Economy

Business is changing. Every enterprise, large and small, is facing new competitive forces requiring them to move faster, build smarter products, make better decisions based on data, collaborate globally, and generally become more efficient. For the past century, organizations that could amass scale and collect scarce resources were able to win and stay ahead of outside threats. But the Internet and information economy changed all of that: small companies can become big overnight (see: Nest, Uber, AirBnB), and big companies are forced to contend with new technologies and ways of working that reshape their organizations and markets (see: Best Buy, Honeywell, Barnes & Noble).

The way every industry functions – from healthcare to media & entertainment – is changing because of transformational uses of information technology. Hospitals can now deliver medical services to remote patients; jet engine makers are optimizing fuel usage using software and data in real-time; life science companies are able to make never before possible drug discoveries; and retailers build better relationships with their customers. The companies that get ahead in this future will fundamentally re-imagine their workplaces, the products they build, and how IT is delivered.

And powering all of this transformation will be a new era of enterprise software, defined by a new set of rules. Cloud and mobile have conspired to introduce the most significant catalyst for enterprise IT transformation the world has ever seen: software will become delightful to use and designed for the individual; technology will gain intelligence and work on the enterprise's behalf, instead of the other way around; and solutions will be created that begin to reshape how entire industries function by connecting partners and colleagues more seamlessly, and letting people work from anywhere and in all new ways.

At Box, we wanted to put on a conference to have a discussion about the future of the enterprise, and how business software can be built for the information economy. Many of the brightest minds in enterprise, our community of developers, and startup founders will gather at Fort Mason on Wednesday, March 26 for a day of learning and conversation. This is not your typical developer conference.

You'll learn about major platform announcements from Box, dive into technical sessions, and hear from leaders like Joe Lonsdale, co-founder of Palantir and Formation 8 Partners; Steven Sinofksy formerly of Microsoft and now Andreessen Horowitz; Steve Herrod of General Catalyst; Jerry Chen of Greylock; Christine Herron of Intel Capital; Mamoon Hamid of Social + Capital; Mike Kail, CIO of Netflix; Rebecca Jacoby, CIO of Cisco; Mahesh Shah, CIO of HP - Enterprise Services; David Ulevitch, CEO of Open DNS; Joshua Reeves, CEO of Zenpayroll; and Clara Shih, CEO of Hearsay, Steve Loughlin, CEO of RelateIQ, and many others.

Plus, of course, we'll have an after party of Box proportions.

Not since the second industrial revolution has the world seen this significant of a shift in how businesses are built and compete. If industrial technology and processes defined the last century, then information technology and processes will define this one. The market for enterprise software serving every job function and every sector will grow enormously over the next decade. The time to build these technologies is now.

Register today to reserve your spot at the conference of the year for people building for the information economy.