App Spotlight: Backup Box Makes Switching to Box a Snap

Whether it's furniture or files, no one likes moving. If you have content scattered across other web services, you may think downloading and re-uploading all your stuff is the only way to switch to Box. Thankfully, in addition to all the nifty ways you can upload content to Box, there's an awesome tool that makes it easy for you to make the move to Box in seconds.

Recently, I've become a Backup Box convert. Their free plan allows you to transfer up to 1 GB of files 10 times from your personal accounts to your Box account in as few as 3 clicks. If you're a Box user wondering what to do with all of your space in the cloud, this is the best way to migrate data from services that you no longer use.

Here are some of the common ways people use Backup Box and Box:

  • Migrating files from a FTP provider to Box. Wondering how you move the gigs of files from your file server to Box? This service allows you to migrate all of your content or schedule regular updates.
  • Moving over Google Docs / GDrive files from a personal account to Box. I have a massive amount of content in my old Google docs account, and recently transferred it to my Box account for simpler sharing and more granular security.
  • Incremental Backups. You can also use the service to backup content from Box to your own storage for compliance or archiving. Coming later this month, you'll even  have the option to have BackUp Box update only files you've changed.

Since the file transfers happen directly from one cloud provider to another, you don't have to worry about creating and syncing a local copy on your computer before moving it to another cloud service. Whether you've been with us for a while or are just making the switch, I think you'll find this tool very handy.

To try this service for free, check it out in the Box application directory.

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