App Spotlight: Freshen Up Web Content with CleanSave

Ever wanted to share or print just part of a webpage? One of our latest integrations, CleanSave, makes it super easy to print or share anything from the web in a customized, polished format. Even cooler: You can use it right from your desktop, iPad or Android Tablet.

When you launch the app, you can edit the content of the page in your browser by adding notes to the page directly, eliminating images, increasing or decreasing font size and removing (or just grayscaling) text. The revised content can be saved as a PDF or text file to your Box account, sent via email or printed from your browser. Now you can print or share the content you need and get rid of the rest.

Here’s how it works:

Say I’ve found a great article to share with my team. I want everything to be on a single page so people can read it quickly before we discuss the article at our next meeting.

The toolbar on the bottom left shows me all the editing functions that are available. After my revisions, I finally have what I want – the text in a smaller size so that I can print or save as one page, no images and a note up top.


Now it’s time to send off the article I want to share. The output toolbar appears on the top right to let me save my content back to Box, send it via email, save it as a PDF or print it directly from the browser. CleanSave has some other great sharing tools too. After you edit the webpage content as you please, you can post links to your article via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+. Don't be shy – flaunt your customized webpage!

This app is great for helping you and your team stay focused on what really counts. Add it to your account today by visiting the Box Apps Marketplace.

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