App Spotlight: Give Your Sales Team a Winning Game Plan

As the iPad becomes more common in large enterprises, we're glad to see an increasing number of applications that allow workers to do their jobs from anywhere. Of course, we especially love apps that integrate with Box, the latest of which is Game Plan, a mobile sales and marketing platform.

Game Plan gives your sales people access to all of the information they need, wherever they are. In addition to Box, it integrates the other services you use, like Salesforce, Google Docs, and Amazon S3. On top of that, Game Plan allows total insight into how your information is being accessed, tracking every touch, swipe, open and close by your company's users. By using those analytics, you can know exactly what is most valuable to your sales reps and constantly update the collateral you are providing them.

In addition to all of that, Game Plan offers powerful security through mobile device management solutions that let you quickly and easily push and wipe apps remotely at any time. ChaiONE, the company behind Game Plan, even has a program to lease iPads for total flexibility. With all of these powerful features, Game Plan is a tool that can really make a difference to your sales organization. Give it a try today!