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When you need to edit a Word document that's stored on Box, you probably download it, open it in Word, edit it, save it, and upload it back to Box. By my count, that's five steps, which is about four too many.

Luckily, the fine folks at have taken it upon themselves to resolve that problem by integrating Box directly into Microsoft Office. The app functions simply - it allows you view all of the content in your Box account from the "open" and "save as" windows in Microsoft Office Programs.

That means instead of going through four extra steps, you just open Office, choose "open", and pick a file in your Box account just like you would if it was saved to your hard drive. When you're done, just click "save" and it will be sent back to Box as a new version of the file. If you're working with a new file or one stored on your hard drive, click "save as", select your Box account, and the file will be uploaded.

If you want to start accessing your online content directly from Microsoft Word (and other Office programs), head on over to our Apps Marketplace to add it to your Box account.

Post By Alex Willen, Developer Advocate

Note: is currently PC only. For a full list of compatibility, click here.