Apps Marketplace Spotlight: Tagle

I’m pleased to say that we’re seeing new apps come in all the time from the talented developers who work with the Box platform. Our active developer community has created nearly 100 apps for our Apps Marketplace, with more coming in every week. We're really impressed by all the innovation we've seen so far, which is why I'd like to start highlighting some of my favorite apps on our blog.

One excellent implementation of our APIs is Tagle, a lightweight desktop app for PC. It sits on the lefthand side of your desktop (though it can easily be hidden), and allows you to drag files from your desktop or Windows Explorer into the application to upload them to Box. You can even drag files out of Tagle to create sharing links, allowing you to pull a file straight from the application into an email, document, or anywhere else you want to share it. This is very useful if you're constantly sharing files with your team via email or instant message - just drag, drop and click 'send' to quickly share your files with coworkers.

Tagle is a simple yet powerful way to save time by keeping all of your content on Box right on your desktop. And it's just one example of the great types of integrations developers can build on the Box platform. We're really excited to see all the other interesting apps our community builds in the future!

To get Tagle for your Box account, head over to the Box Apps Marketplace.

Post by Alex Willen, Developer Advocate