App Spotlight: Automate Box with Wappwolf

Every business has to deal with the same things week in and week out - status reports, meeting notes and approvals, just to name a few. Here at Box, we work to make those processes easier by making your content accessible from anywhere and – most importantly – easy to share.

Today, our partners at Wappwolf are taking things a step further with the Wappwolf Automator for Box. It allows you to assign custom rules to a Box folder, which gives you more control over your files while simplifying the way your colleagues work with your content.

Take status reports for example – when you upload them to Box, Wappwolf can automatically convert them to a PDF, then alert teammates that you've uploaded a new file. These and countless other daily tasks can automated, allowing you to focus on the big stuff.

We think this will be a big productivity booster for you and your team, so give it a try today. Happy automating!