Boost Team Productivity with Comment Mentions and Box Edit

Notice anything different about Box lately? We been busy added some new stuff we think you'll love. One new feature allows you to use the familiar @ symbol to quickly notify another collaborator directly within a file comment. Another, Box Edit, lets you open and edit your content from Box, then save it right back to the cloud.  If you're looking to streamline how your team collaborates – and honestly, who isn't? – I'm confident these two tools will do the trick. Here's how to use them:

Comment Mentions

If you use Twitter as much as I do, you already know how this new feature works. Just type "@" to access a down-down menu of people you're collaborating with in that folder, then select the person you want to mention.

They'll get an email notification with your comment, even if they've turned off other types of Box notifications. Some ideas: use it when you want clarification about someone else's comment, a second pair of eyes on some content or final approval by your manager. Log in to your Box account now to give it a whirl.

Box Edit

You already know that Box lets you preview a ton of different file types right in your account. Now you can do even more with a beta product we recently introduced, Box Edit. With Box Edit, you can edit any type of file (images, videos, spreadsheets, word documents - you name it) directly from the file preview page. After installing the app, just hit "Edit" in the top right to open the file in whatever native application you have set for that file type. Make your changes, hit save and the new version is automatically updated in the cloud -  no uploading required!

Box Edit is available for both Mac and Windows. Install it now to get started.

We have more productivity tools and features coming up, so keep an eye out here or on Twitter @BoxHQ. Have questions or suggestions? Leave them below.