Box and AT&T

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a significant expansion of our partnership with AT&T, to help our joint customers collaborate even more easily and securely on their content from virtually any place and any device.

Starting in mid-2015, customers will be able to use AT&T NetBond (SM) as a highly secure on-ramp to the Box cloud. With AT&T NetBond, customers can connect to their mission-critical cloud services via their AT&T MPLS, which delivers highly secure connections with high reliability and performance capabilities rather than relying on access via the public Internet. This means our joint AT&T and Box customers can now access Box as if it were on their own corporate network and with the bandwidth and level of service they desire.


Earlier this year, Box and AT&T announced the ability to manage Box mobile apps via AT&T Toggle®, AT&T’s bring-your-own-device solution. Building further on that use case, today we also announced AT&T and Box’s joint work to seamlessly integrate Box into the main AT&T Toggle workspace. Available in early 2015, this deeper integration will enable AT&T Toggle users to even more easily access and save their business-related Box content — such as documents, presentations, images and videos — without ever leaving the Toggle environment.

Companies want to move their content to the cloud to power mobile productivity and collaboration across their businesses. With today’s announcements, Box and AT&T will deliver an even more unified solution that makes it incredibly easy for users to access their content from virtually any place and any device, while giving businesses the enterprise-grade security, reliability and performance they need.

As Abhi Ingle, SVP Advanced Solutions at AT&T said in the press release, “Box and AT&T are a powerful combination that provides companies with transformative solutions to mobilize their business while giving them streamlined access to the content they need for greater and enriched collaboration. As we look to expand our offerings with Box, businesses will benefit from the ability to securely store information in the cloud and access it from virtually anywhere.”