Box and Dispatch Bring All Your Online Content Together

Today we're excited to announce that Dispatch, a lightweight project management tool that helps teams stay on the same page, now connects with Box. Unlike other project management tools, Dispatch helps you bring together the different files, notes, links, documents, and other pieces of a project into one convenient place.

Box gives you a powerful way to collaborate on content from anywhere, and Dispatch showcases some of what's possible with the Box platform. When you post a file from Box to Dispatch, you and your team will have a rich preview that stays up-to-date as you make changes, sitting right alongside the other parts of your project.

We’ve used Dispatch within the Platform team to collaborate on a couple of projects; one of the features I’ve found especially useful is the ability to share content from Evernote and Box on the same project – and even within the same conversation. Notes from Evernote and files from Box can sit next to each other, embedded in a conversation with multiple team members.

Dispatch has also proven extremely useful in taking project management out of my inbox and into a singular, concentrated stream. Instead of attempting to locate multiple email threads about a project, all pertinent information is consolidated in one place.

If you’d like to check out Dispatch you can sign up and test it out on their site or look at their listing in our app directory.