Box and latakoo Make Video Uploads Faster than Ever

If you work on projects that require regularly sharing video files between parties, you know the process of uploading can take longer than you'd like. Sure, you could go back and try to sneak in beating that elusive Angry Birds level while your files upload, or even go get another cup of coffee, but let’s be frank: That's not exactly a scalable solution.

What does scale is anything that improves your productivity by saving time, especially when it comes to uploading videos. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new integration with video management provider latakoo. latakoo employs a one-click utility to shrink and convey large HD and SD video files in minutes instead of hours. Available today, latakoo subscribers can push their videos to Box faster than ever.

latakoo’s online platform is already being used by television news stations, public relations agencies, and numerous large corporate enterprises. Give their service a whirl today by going here.