Box and Startup America Rev Up the Economy

Startups and the teams that power them are critical to America’s success and the future growth of our economy. These founders and innovators aspire to build something great, something that affects the lives of those around them and creates a new way of thinking or solves a new problem. We believe that startups are a core driver of our nation’s economic engine, and we’re here to help them.

Today, we’re announcing a new partnership with Startup America to power the next generation of great businesses. Startup America is an independent nonprofit entity (NGO) that connects startups with some of the country’s most successful organizations. Available now, all 5,000 Startup America members will receive three free seats of Box Business. Collectively, this offer saves Startup America members over $1 million per year.

Over 100,000 businesses have turned to Box to connect their most important content, people and partners. We’re proud to be working with the successful startups like LinkedIn, Pandora and Yammer that took an idea and made it into a thriving business that millions of users experience every day. We’re excited to partner with Startup America to power the next generation of businesses and can’t wait to see how they change the world.