Box and the iPad: Making Patients' (and Doctors') Lives Easier

For James W. Ochi MD, a pediatric ENT surgeon, the old way of managing and accessing patient data just wasn't cutting it. He decided to go on a search for something that would provide him with a simple, secure way to access patient data from anywhere on any device.

“There’s this strange idea in medicine that if it doesn’t cost tens-of-thousands of dollars there must be something wrong with it,” explains Dr. Ochi. After doing his research, he decided to give Box a try. And since making that decision, he hasn't looked back.

With Box, the anytime, anywhere content management solution, Dr. Ochi no longer has to worry whether he has patient files on a specific device. “Box has been tremendously helpful in improving patient care. No matter where I am, I can securely access my patient records and speak intelligently about any patient at any time.”

“Just last week I was at a restaurant and had an urgent situation with a patient. In the past, I would have had to lug around a notebook computer and wait and wait for it to boot up before searching for the patient’s file. With Box I was able to pull up the file instantly on my iPhone and provide the information needed in real-time.”

Dr. Ochi is also a big fan of Box Sync, a tool that saves him the burden of having to remember to perform many manual processes: “Box Sync has been extremely helpful at making sure all of my content is where it needs to be. Whether I’m accessing files from my office, my home computer, my iPad or my iPhone, I know all of my data is where I need it.”

Dr. Ochi has become a Box Believer, and he explains why Box is a cost-effective solution to problems that all medical practices face: “The technology that serves the world of healthcare has so much unnecessary friction built into it; electronic medical record packages force the doctor to conform to the rigid requirements of the software. Box on the other hand optimizes the flow of information to best suit the needs of the doctor. What a simple and elegant way to improve caring for patients! Box takes care of plumbers, accountants, anyone … so it’s easy to understand and flexible enough to solve almost any problem.”

“My employees really appreciate that I've empowered them with a straightforward solution like Box,” says Dr. Ochi. “My office has seen an upward leap in performance and productivity since moving to Box.”

Looks like Box is the perfect prescription for Dr. Ochi!

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Post by Nick Noyer, Product Marketing Manager