Box App Spotlight: Agilewords

Documents don’t exist in a vacuum – especially in large enterprises, a single document may go through a dozen people before it is released publicly. Multiple authors contribute content, which must then be combined and approved by any number of editors, lawyers, and managers. Box helps to make this process much smoother in a number of ways – by allowing users to collaborate, they can all work in one place instead of emailing files back and forth, and our comments and tasks make it easy to leave feedback and get approvals.

As documents become larger and more complex, though, it’s crucial to have tools focused purely on the review process, which is why we’re pleased to announce that Agilewords, a leading web-based document review application is now integrated with Box. Through this integration, you can easily right click on a file in Box and send it to Agilewords, where you will have full access to their suite of tools to help share, review, and approve documents.

Agilewords helps facilitate collaboration, save time, and give workers the tools they need to get their jobs done painlessly and effectively. As Boxers, we share those goals, so we encourage you to give Agilewords a try. You can learn more at and find it in the Box Apps Directory at

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