Box Exclusive: An Inside Look at Our #NewBox Launch Event

If you couldn’t tell by now, we’re really pumped about #NewBox. In the last month alone, we unveiled two new billboards and a preview video to get everyone excited about the changes coming - and to top everything off, we held an exclusive event last Thursday at our headquarters in Palo Alto. We gave our lunchroom a makeover, which included a stage, custom-made ‘floating’ clouds (actually held up by string, but don’t tell anyone) and edible cloud marshmallows. Nearly 60 reporters, analysts, customers, and partners were able to join us to see, firsthand, what we’re doing to make enterprise software better for everyone.

While the key Box announcements of the day focused on #NewBox and our new Apps Marketplace, we also heard our friends from NetSuite and VMware talk about some exciting things that will further strengthen Box’s open platform. The event culminated in an ‘Oprah’ moment, when Samsung surprised attendees with their very own Samsung Galaxy Tab to take home and try out for themselves. :) This was after Samsung announced they’re looking to potentially pre-load Box on the Wi-Fi tabs that will be available later in 2011.

In keeping with our commitment to openness, we wanted to share the day’s festivities with you, so check out photos from the event here and full video of the presentation below. We're already looking forward to the next big thing!

Post By Amy White, Marketing Programs Manager