Box for iPad Works Like Magic for Businesses

It's no doubt that Steve Jobs’ computing innovations have revolutionized the way we live. So what could the iPad – a device that's changed how we access our content on the go – do for enterprises looking to collaborate and share information from anywhere?

Box for iPad was designed with businesses in mind, with features like file viewing, sharing, integrations with other document apps, and even the ability to project your files right from the device. Recently, we added even more cool stuff to the app, and you can now upload videos, photos, search the text of your documents, and save your favorite folders and projects for offline access. It's a veritable powerhouse of productivity for folks who want to work from anywhere.

We put Apple's device to the test by giving employees at D7, a high end consulting firm, a fleet of iPads with the Box app installed. Needless to say, we were thrilled to learn that employees were using Box right from the construction site to share blueprints and photos with coordinators back in the office.  With Box for iPad, D7 workers were able to share critical information in real-time – and complete projects in no time.

To see how D7 revolutionized their business with Apple's magical device and Box, download our customer video and bonus article, "What I Learned from Steve Jobs" by Box CEO Aaron Levie.