Box for Windows Adds More Control and Security

As more people—and more businesses—choose Windows phones and tablets, we continue to invest in our Box for Windows apps to give users more access to content and businesses more control and security.

In fact, interest in Microsoft’s latest platforms has led to more than half a million downloads of our Box for Windows 8 and Box for Windows Phone apps since launch. We have met this demand by recently releasing some amazing features that let you do more with Box on your Windows devices. And today, we’re adding even more features to give users and businesses better control and enhanced security over their content.

Let’s take a look at what you can do on your Windows Phones and Windows 8 PCs now.

Box for Windows already gives you easy access to your content, with the ability to preview over 75 types of documents—including complex ones like Photoshop or AutoCAD files! It’s also designed around the unique features of the Windows platform, making use of live tiles, semantic zoom, and charms on Windows 8.

Today’s updates will also give you more control over the content in your account. Now, you can add, remove, and change access permissions for any collaborator in any folder that you own. This is great if you’re away from your desk and need to quickly change how someone sees your content or if you want to share something that you just uploaded from your phone.

We’re also extending some of our enterprise security and device management features to these Windows devices. First, we’ve added two-step login verification, which users or admins can enable to keep accounts safe. With this feature, a one-time code is sent to the user’s mobile phone, which they will use in addition to their password to login to Box.

Next, admins can tailor Box access to their specific IT policies.  For example, you can require an application-specific passcode lock and set a custom timeout for the lock. To prevent data leaks, admins can also restrict the ability to download files locally to the devices. All of these new features are in addition to the device pinning and remote logout capabilities we already offer.

Finally, we’re offering more access today for the Swedes and Finns, with two new localizations in Swedish and Finnish!

Go download the free Box for Windows 8 or Windows Phone app today— and try out the security settings for yourself! We’re always open to your feedback @BoxHQ or via