Box Mobile Updates—It's the Little Things That Count

The Box mobile team has lots of major updates planned for you in 2013, and we wanted to start things off by improving several key workflows users encounter while using our apps. We've always believed in going back to existing features to make them even better, and this past month has been a great chance to do just that.

On the Box for Android front in particular (version 2.1 being released today), we focused on giving you more control when inviting people to work in your folders, adding bookmark support and improving the flow between tapping links and the app. Let's take a look at some of these refinements in action!

Not all collaborators are created equal

When working with others in your Box folders, you may not want to let everyone have the same level of permission to edit your files. As you invite someone new to the folder, think about what role they’ll play. Are they just a reviewer? Or are they more of a full-time collaborator? Once you’ve decided, use the new menu spinner to pick a role before sending the invite.

Bookmarks are the new favorites

Do you like to bookmark links to other sites (or even to other Box files) as links in Box? Now your personal stash of favorites will appear within the app, too. It’s a handy shortcut when you can never quite remember a website's full address.

Handle all the links!

Box for Android already catches some forms of shared links, but with this release, we're now able to redirect anything and everything that links to a variant of, so it opens directly in the native app. No more having to log into mobile websites!

And even more...

We were able to fit in a bunch of other, smaller enhancements while we were preparing this release. Hopefully some of you will find these useful as well! Starting in version 2.1, we've:

  • Allowed files opened via a Box shared link to be copied into your account
  • Added an option to forget your username after logout
  • Combined the upload and creation menu options into a single Add button
  • Added the ability to send us diagnostics if the app should happen to crash (don’t worry, it should be fairly rare)
  • On top of all that, we have yet another generous volunteer who was able to help translate Box for Android into Turkish for this release—thanks, Melih Mucuk!

What about Box for iPhone and iPad?

Never fear! Our iOS app is receiving an update today as well. You can look forward to support for background uploads and downloads, meaning you can assign a set of files to upload to or download from Box, then continue working in the rest of the app or another app on your device. Your upload or download will continue in the background, and you’ll get a notification when it’s done.

Download the updates for Android or iOS today. We're currently in the process of gearing up for Mobile World Congress on February 25, but you can look forward to more updates to our extensive app suite in the months to come.

Enjoy, and as always please leave any feedback for us here or on Twitter @BoxHQ!