Box Presents Altitude 2010

When Dylan and I launched Box in 2005, "cloud" wasn't even a buzzword. Fast-forward five years, and it's everywhere. Technology giants and "born in the cloud" start-ups alike are pioneering web-based services that fundamentally rethink and reinvent how business is done. Forward-looking IT departments are leaving behind legacy software solutions and taking a gamble on cloud alternatives. At Box, we decided it was about time to get these innovators and advocates together - and Altitude 2010 was born.

This afternoon, more than 200 technology executives will gather at Altitude in Palo Alto to explore how this new wave of technology is already driving innovation across sectors. We'll hear from Rob Chandhok about how Qualcomm is making the mobile workforce a reality by powering cloud applications on web-aware devices. Steve Bowsher of In-Q-Tel will share how cloud technologies are making the Intelligence industry smarter, and Jason Wolf will explain how Better Place's model for cloud-connected, networked electric vehicles can revive and reinvent the lagging automotive industry. Nico Popp of VeriSign will tackle security concerns, Rob Koplowitz will address the collaboration market, and Andreas Bechtolsheim will trace the history of cloud computing, drawing on his experience as a co-founder of Sun Microsystems and an early investor in Google. We'll even hear from Grammy-nominated artist Kenna, who unleashed the power of cloud technologies to raise global awareness of the clean water crisis.

We'll also ask - and attempt to answer - some pretty pressing questions during our two panel sessions. How can vendors drive business success in the "Cloud Era"? We'll hear the varying perspectives of an early-stage investor (Ron Conway of SV Angel), an executive at the world's largest technology company (Todd Bradley of HP), and a mid-stage entrepreneur (yours truly). Are public markets ready for the cloud? Bruce Felt will share how SuccessFactors navigated its IPO, with representatives from Allen & Co., Legg Mason and Jennison Associates weighing in.

We're incredibly excited about this speaking lineup, and can't wait to continue the conversation with attendees over drinks later on this evening. And for those of you not attending Altitude - fear not! You can follow the action on Twitter - @boxdotnet (#Altitude10), and we'll be posting videos of the talks shortly, so stay tuned.

Post by Aaron Levie, Co-founder and CEO