Box on the Road: Following the "Rise of the Cubicle Farmer"

Here at Box, we're all about empowering people who want to be able to work from wherever, whenever.  That's why we're really excited to follow the Rise of the Cubicle Farmer, a 45-day road trip that will explore how new technologies are shaping and redefining how people work.


The people behind this project are really big fans of Box. They use our cloud content management platform to manage multiple projects without ever stepping foot inside of an office – they have no headquarters, no offices and they work wherever (and whenever) they want. They draw from their unconventional working habits to author a blog, Workshifting, which provides great tips on being productive outside of traditional workspaces. This is in addition to other cool things they've founded, such as "The LaC Project", which is a creative web agency that they run in New York City. We're very happy to be a part of what they do.

Why we're so excited

Like the founders of this program, we want to see how people around the country are using new technologies to solve their problems and work more efficiently.  We believe that Box and other cloud-based solutions provide the framework for people to break free from the borders of an office and get work done from anywhere – an office, a café or on a cross-country road trip. This means saying no to old solutions that make work more difficult and complicated than it has to be.

Since they'll be checking in with workers all across the country, you'll have a chance to meet up with them and tell them your stories. How has Box changed the way you work, and how has the cloud allowed you to escape from the "cubicle farm"? You can see a detailed map of their route online and get updates at their blog. If you see them, be sure to say 'hi' and ask for a Box shirt, they'll have plenty to hand out.

How can you follow along?

You can follow Box's official twitter handle @boxdotnet, or any of the road warriors themselves (@tony_leon, @ajleon and @melissaleon) to get updates on the trip.

In addition to snagging an awesome shirt by meeting up with them, you can tweet at us for a chance to win a year of Box! We'll be giving away one 5-seat deployment per week; all you have to do is take a picture of yourself wearing a No-Sharepoint shirt and use the hashtag #nosharepoint to be entered to win. Be sure to check out our blog and Facebook page for updates, stories and awesome pictures from the trip. We have a few things up our sleeve that should make everyone really excited.

We hope you're pumped, we sure are!

Post by Mark Saldaña, Community Manager