Box User Story: Close the Deal in a Hurry

We're happy to share another user story. Last week we highlighted a Houston-area teacher. For this week's post, we switch gears to talk about how one Box customer helped his client close a business deal on short notice.

Our story is about a technical consultant - let's call him Jack - who serves a lot of small independent businesses in the Portland area. One of Jack's clients is a digital designer lauded for his work with Nike and other high-profile companies. This particular client, Ron, is pretty tech savvy and resourceful, but respects Jack's advice when he's in a pinch. That advice would come in handy at just the right time.

A Call That Came in the Night

After Jack hadn't heard from this client in weeks, he got a panicked phone call from him on a Sunday night. Ron was on business in China working on an architectural design project. He wanted Jack to go to his house to locate some important files and overnight them on disk. As luck would have it, Jack had researched various online storage solutions from FolderShare, Dropbox and SugarSync, among others. But Ron had a few issues to deal with, including firewall and e-mail restrictions, services that were either blocked or unavailable and poor connection speeds, making it difficult for any of these services to come through.

Box to the Rescue

A half hour passed as they evaluated solutions that could overcome constraints of time, distance and unreliable net connections. Jack finally came across After setting up a Box account and running a few tests, he realized that he could post all the files Ron needed and share them instantly with convenient, direct links to each of the files.

Crisis Averted

The result? Jack's client was able to deliver another successful project on time. While Ron was prepared to pay a heavy price for overnight shipping, Jack was able to deliver the files Ron needed for free, all without a hitch, thanks to his Box account.

I'm a big fan of websites and services that make me look good - that's why I dig, Jack wrote.

We dig that.