BoxWorks 2014: New Ways to Collaborate in the Cloud

At Box, our mission is to make people and businesses more productive and collaborative, and we do this by building software that caters to what people want and what IT departments need.

Today at BoxWorks, Box co-founder and CEO Aaron Levie discussed how tomorrow will work for individuals, organizations, and industries. Mobile and cloud-first technologies have enabled incredible productivity gains for individuals, and today we unveiled new features to make collaborating in the cloud even more powerful.


The new Box for Office 365 - beta available today!

As we promised back in July, we're releasing the beta of a new integration that will enhance your productivity when working with Box and Office 365. Now, from right within Word, Excel and PowerPoint, you can:

  • Open files straight from your Box account, allowing easy access to your recently accessed files
  • Save files directly back to Box, even if you started from your desktop
  • Share secure links to files on Box, with options to expire those links or limit downloading from them

These essential Box features can now be found where you normally go to Open, Save, or Share files - the Office Backstage menus. The beta is available today for users running Office 2010+ on Windows 7+.

Further integrations with Outlook and other Office products are on their way - look forward to more news in the months to come.

Box Notes - Tables and Version History

We unveiled Box Notes at last year's BoxWorks, and have been hard at work rolling it out to all users while continually adding new features and updates. Earlier this summer, we brought Box Notes to both Box for iOS and Box for Android applications. Amazingly, 48% of Box Notes usage is already happening on our mobile apps!

We also added a new checklists feature, and localized Box Notes for all of our supported languages. Box users can now create, view, edit, and collaborate in real time with Box Notes from truly anywhere, using all of the editor features you’d expect like font sizes, colors, lists, and images in addition to hyperlinks, annotations, and collaboration with "Noteheads."

We also gave attendees a peek at what's to come in the months ahead, including the ability to add tables to Box Notes. Tables functionality has been one of our most requested features; whether it's outlining goals for the upcoming year or creating a list of tasks, expressing information in a tabular format is an effective organization method.


We'll also be introducing version history within Box Notes. This feature will allow you to go back in time in a document and recover earlier versions, making it easy to figure out what has changed as you've collaborated in a document with your colleagues.

Annotations in Preview for over 100 File Types

Today, you can annotate content within Box Notes, and we're going to bring this capability to the preview experience of our web application, where you can view over 100 different file types. Annotations will power productivity across a variety of vertical industries by giving Box users the ability to select text, point to specific areas of a document and leave annotations to which collaborators can respond - all without ever having to download the document. We'll have more to share on this front next year.


We're looking forward to bringing all of these new products to you over the next few quarters. Stay tuned for more updates, and let us know what you think in the comments below and on Twitter @BoxHQ and @cbyeh.