BoxWorks Customer Spotlight: Timeraiser

Over the past year, we've seen lots of non-profits start using Box to boost efficiency, encourage collaboration and ditch old solutions like FTP. One of these organizations, Timeraiser, is an innovative non-profit that allows volunteers to bid time, rather than money, on works on art. All told, their network of volunteers has contributed over 100,000 hours of work at organizations all across Canada.

Check out their story below to hear how they made the switch from FTP to Box and, in the process, became 4 times more efficient. The Timerasier team especially loves how Box integrates with their existing solutions, like Salesforce and Google Apps. They also recall that deploying Box took "less than a day," which was a dream for their non-technical team. Something else cool: They're now saving hudreds of hours of work by using Box's Echosign integration to get contracts turned around in minutes, rather than months.

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