#BoxWorks Speaker Spotlight: Vince Sarubbi of Webcor

Next up in our series of BoxWorks speaker spotlights: Vince Sarubbi, chief information officer of Webcor Builders. At BoxWorks, Vince will speak in one of our product-focused sessions. You can follow @BoxHQ and @BoxWorks on Twitter for the latest #BoxWorks updates.

1) What’s one technology trend that you see driving business transformation?

Data integration. Apps are fantastic. But apps re-created the silos we’ve been breaking down for years. Connect all those apps back to meaningful corporate data and you can build a remarkable extended information network.

2) Name three apps on your home screen.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Box. Truthfully, no matter how much I love and use the Box app, Facebook is more fun. And the memes are better.

3) What BoxWorks speaker or session (aside from your own) are you most excited about?

Totally…Jim Collins. I’ve read his books and I’ve listened to his audiobooks. I want to move from Good to Great to Awesome. Like Tucker Max.

4) What’s your favorite device for getting work done?

The correct Italian response here is a baseball bat. Sans bat, it’s my notebook when I’m in the office. On the road, my iPad is my next best friend.

5) What advice would you give to someone starting his/her career in your industry?

Be focus and un-focused. Become extremely good at what you do (focus) while stepping back and learning everything else there is to know about the business (un-focus). The successful leaders of tomorrow need to know what is in front of them as well as everything else around them. Be holistic!

6) What blogs do you check daily?

Besides the California Super Lotto (I’m only 6 numbers away from retiring), I also love Reddit and Facebook. Money, fun, and friends. OK, they’re not blogs but I get a ton of daily e-mail news and summary blogs to keep me up to date. Besides, I can’t take another blog post from one of my friends telling me about how their cat can turn on their iPad, launch the Piano app, and paw out Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water.”

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