Breaking Off a Piece of KitKat

Google has just announced the arrival of Android 4.4 (KitKat), and here at Box we could not be more excited. A new operating system update always brings opportunities for our mobile team to integrate with new parts of the user experience, and KitKat is no exception. Android now allows us to blend Box seamlessly with all your other apps that work with files.

Box - Everywhere

Now in KitKat, whenever you open a file in an app, you will have the option to choose files from all the places you might have files stored – including local storage (like your SD card) and the cloud (like Box!). For example, this document provider will be available when you want to attach a file to an email or choose a picture for your account profile.

Nexus 4_kitkat_crop

Of course, we’ve made sure Box performs seamlessly in the new document provider. When you select Box from the menu, you enter a file browser where you can easily search, sort or navigate your way to the file you want. And you never have to leave the app you are working in. Now you can truly use Box as your device’s external drive in the cloud!

This exciting new integration is included in our just-released update of Box for Android (v2.3), but you will only be able to see it in action if you are also running KitKat. Building this would not have been possible without our friends at Google, who let us take a sneak peek at this new feature, invited us to develop our integration early, and supported us throughout the whole process.

Today's update extends our commitment to building the most beautiful, immersive and productive mobile experience on Android. We can’t wait for KitKat to be made available publicly so that you try it out for yourself. Let us know what you think about KitKat in the comments below or tweet @BoxHQ!