Cardinal Capital Switched to Box. Now They Manage Projects, Not Servers.

Joe Thomae, Asset Manager at Cardinal Capital Management, was working with a traditional (and some might say old-school) IT solution before moving to the cloud: servers.

Since – unlike cloud-based solutions – hardware eventually becomes old and outdated, Joe was looking into how much it would cost to update everything in his company's system. All told, it would have taken at least 400,000 dollars over the next 4 years to continue using servers. Joe wasn't happy.

He eventually found Box and started to play with a free account to get a feel for the features, and his test account quickly  grew to a group of 6 employees, who were able to collaborate, share and manage their content in a snap. After a few calls to Box HQ, Joe decided to take his entire company to the cloud.

Now, instead of managing servers, the Cardinal Capital team is managing projects. Joe says his team saves a ton of time by using Box's preview feature, which allows them to pull info from a document without bothering with uploads and downloads. This was especially handy during the company's recent audit process. "What was 7 accountants for 8 days in the office became 2 accountants for 2 days," states Joe.

Check out the entire story below:

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