The Best of the Best: The Top 10 Top 10 Lists of 2013

Happy December everyone! It's clearly the season for bold predictions and optimistic visions for the future. For our part, we're talking with customers about planning for their next phase of Enterprise Transformation, and how this year we may have reached "Peak Legacy IT." However, I think there's another not-so-subtle trend in content that warrants discussion. Can we dub 2013 the "Year of the Listicle?" In honor of the web's love-hate relationship with the quickest content format in town, I've cataloged a list of the best lists around. It's a Top 10 list of Top 10s for IT, enterprise cloud platforms, and tech in general. Have a list we missed? Our enterprise team would love to hear about it. Drop them in the comments below! And now, the Top 10 Enterprise IT Top 10s of 2013, in three easy-to-scan categories:

General Tech and Business

  • LinkedIn's "Top Stories that Matter," their annual list of the stories and blog posts that were the most engaging, most read and shared across their network. The topics range from management excellence to hiring, from personal growth to book recommendations.
  • Computing UK's Top 10 Cloud Stories of 2013. Bringing an international flair to the list, this really calls out Europe's approach to the cloud. From the growth of G-Cloud in the UK to the shift in demand for IT skillsets in the EU, it's a great snapshot of how attitudes are shifting. Full disclosure: I also love this list because it includes the story of how Hounslow Council uses Box to fuel their local government IT strategy.
  • Vala Afshar, 10 Must-Have Sales and Marketing Tools. For you sales and marketing pros, this is a great list of tools to get you instantly productive and more engaged with customers. Enterasys is one of our top customers and is really dedicated to improving every aspect of their business with technology.


We're seeing a huge tech shift in industries like government, legal and healthcare. These more traditional industries are changing their perspective on cloud computing and making the shift to more modern operating models.

  • 9 Efficiency Trends to Watch for in Legal. Interesting one here: we're seeing a big shift in our legal clients' approach to their business. The focus across the board is now on driving efficiency internally, both as a cost-savings measure but also to provide better service overall to their clients.
  • Forbes, "The Top 10 Cloud Innovations in Federal Government." By Oracle's John Foley, this list comprehensively breaks down how the US Government -- the biggest cloud customer in the world -- is going cloud.
  • Eric Topol, MD, "A Year of Revolutionizing Medicine." A great mix of cultural, political, and technology shifts in the healthcare industry, touching on new advances in the laboratory model, moving patient care outside the bounds of the hospital (sound familiar?) and the huge shift towards the quantified self.

Security and IT

And unsurprisingly, the biggest stories of the year were about security (and sometimes the lack of it). But what's heartening is how many stories focus on the opportunity for a real Security Transformation in 2014.

  • CSO Online, "The Top 8 Security Threats of 2013." Despite the fear-inducing headline, this is a comprehensive catalog of what's top of mind for security professionals now and for the forseeable future. I think it's a great reminder that security is constantly evolving, and that there are real advantages to centralizing content and data in the cloud.
  • Geoff Moore, "7 Deadly Sins: How to Successfully 'Cross the Chasm.'" We've been talking a lot with Geoffrey Moore this year (he spoke at both BoxWorks and our Business Without Boundaries Event in London this year), and this is a great article for any technology product and marketing group looking to target the enterprise. My favorite? "Communicate a superior selling proposition."
  • CIO Magazine, "Top 10 Cloud Computing Certifications." Security and compliance are critical to our values at Box, and it's great to see the Cloud Security Alliance and their STAR Registry top the list here. Missing any of these in your organization?

Okay, that was nine, and we promised 10. To close on a high note, I offer you this BuzzFeed list of the 10 High-Tech Gadgets for Weirdos. Celebrate the unicorn in your life with a DIY drone or a 3D printing pen.