Connecting Clouds (again): Box and Intuit

As many of you know by now, our vision is to provide the most powerful, flexible, and open platform for businesses to share, access, and manage all their content. Part of this includes providing the ability for our users to incorporate the files they put on Box into the workflow of other business applications they rely on to get their jobs done.

This week, we revamped our Intuit Workplace App to do just that. The Intuit Workplace is a single location for organizations to try applications - some of which work with their QuickBooks files and data. Our App, for Intuit, brings the full functionality of Box into the Intuit App Center, enabling users to collaborate on their business content from the same location as their other business applications, including payroll, employee management, CRM, and more.

To celebrate, Intuit is offering their App Center customers the chance to win a FlipHD video camcorder if they try out our App before August 20. Want to give it a spin? Check us out.

*If you already have a Box account, sign up for a Box Lite for Intuit account with the same email you use to log in to Box, and your existing Box content will automatically be transferred.

Post by Jamie Perlman, Senior Director of Business Development