Data Loss Prevention and Malware Protection with CipherCloud for Box

Cloud collaboration can transform your business, but how do you ensure that your employees are not inadvertently sharing sensitive data with the wrong people? Particularly in the regulated industries like healthcare and finance where companies are governed by HIPAA, PCI and other regulations, how do you manage your company’s compliance policies?

Today I’m excited to announce the availability of CipherCloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Box. CipherCloud DLP for Box helps admins apply corporate DLP policies on content in Box while keeping it simple for end users. The CipherCloud Gateway scans all content uploaded to Box and provides enforcement actions including alert, quarantine, block, prevent sharing or other customizable security options. If a user uploads a document containing restricted data like a social security number, which violates company policy, the file is automatically moved to a quarantine folder. The user is notified of the policy action and is prevented from accessing the file until the admin determines it’s safe to share and returns the document back to its original Box folder.

CipherCloud for Box also arms admins with extensive visibility into user actions within Box. Through CipherCloud’s reporting dashboards, admins can view metrics like top files shared, most active users and user file sharing activity. Admins can also see policy violations by user, by location and over time to spot compliance problems, address governance risks and train users on how to avoid policy violations.

In addition to DLP, CipherCloud for Box provides behind-the-scenes protection by scanning for malware to block viruses or infected content from being uploaded to Box or spread to other users.

With CipherCloud for Box, your team can stay productive while giving you the peace of mind that your company is meeting regulatory and compliance requirements. Want to learn more? Check out details on CipherCloud’s page, the Box support site or contact your Box rep for a demo.