Discover a New Dimension of Collaboration

Box now offers Quantum Sharing – the easiest way to share your files across space and time! Your files exist at every point in space-time, whether you remember creating them in this universe or not. Take advantage of Quantum Sharing today and download files you’ve only just thought of creating.

Multi-Dimensional Workflow

Collaborate across space-time and permanently alter the course of history! Send a message to Past You or assign a task that could redefine your (work) life.* Wish you’d had that project plan for the new ad campaign your manager wanted three days before she even asked? No problem! Simply create it, assign yourself a Change History task and set the due date for three days before the request was made. Multi-Dimensional Workflow will change your life!**

Schrödinger Search

Simply use the new, improved search with added Schrödinger functionality to find the file and look in the folder – it may be there, it may not.*


Who needs WiFi when you can have QiFi? Our proprietary QiFi connection operates on waves across dimensions and states. If the frequency you’ve been using collapses, our servers will reroute you to one in an uncollapsed state, so you can keep working!*

To really achieve maximum QiFi potential, set up your very own Quantum Singularity – in your living room, dining room, home office or bedroom. Contact Box to purchase a Quantum Singularity today!

Linear History Collapser (LHC)

The Linear History Collapser, or LHC, is the new, improved trash bin, available exclusively with Quantum Sharing. The LHC will not only destroy a file, but it will also destroy any evidence of that file in comments, tasks, history and even people’s memories! You’ll be able to completely eradicate that embarrassing photo from last year’s Christmas party – and any trace that it even existed.

Remember to use the LHC with caution. Files dumped in the LHC are irretrievable – or are they? (You’ll have to check the LHC.)*