End-to-end Mobile Security with Box for Good Technology

A new type of workplace is emerging. Rather than working from conference rooms and cubicles, teams are collaborating from all around the globe. The devices used for work are also changing, as employees increasingly prefer the convenience of smartphones and tablets to traditional company-issued computers.

Since mobility is a top priority for enterprises this year, the security demands of IT are becoming more important; CIOs need controls to manage regulation, compliance and – above all – ensure company data accessed on mobile devices remains secure.

Available today in the iTunes App Store, Box for Good Technology is a version of the Box application built specifically for Box Enterprise users that require more robust security at the mobile client, as well as a complete management solution for the Box Enterprise application. The application has all the same features that you love from Box for iPhone and iPad, including the ability to upload, preview, and comment on files, with the added benefit of Good Technology security features like:

  • Encryption: All uploaded or downloaded information is encrypted using both Box and Good Technology, depending on where the data is located.
  • Remote wipe: The Box for Good Technology application can be remotely wiped in real-time, as can any data present in the Box client’s secure container. Note that this doesn’t affect any other data or application on the mobile client.
  • Admin Controls: Administrators can set up policy requirements, including who can use the app, which versions of the app can be used, and how complex passwords must be.

Box for Good Technology is a simple, secure solution that allows you to take advantage of the new mobile workplace, enabling safe content sharing from virtually anywhere.

If you’re a Box enterprise user, learn more at www.good.com/box or give us a call at 877-729-4269 to set this up for your team.