Enhance Project Management with Box + Podio

Need to manage some projects in the cloud along with your content? We've got just the answer – a powerful, extremely flexible project management platform from our partners at Podio.

Even better, Podio has now integrated Box - with this new integration, you can quickly attach a file from Box to a just about any object in Podio. Instead of copying your files, Podio only keeps a reference, which means your content is easily accessible in the app but still secured by Box.

This integration makes it easy to add files from Box to tasks, timesheets, and projects on Podio. What makes it really powerful, though, is Podio's app builder, which enables you to easily build custom apps within Podio to fit your exact needs. When you build an app, you have the option to allow users to attach files when they use it, so if you choose to do so, the Box integration will automatically be added into your app. Watch the video below and learn more at the Podio blog.

We're really pleased to be working with Podio, as they offer a highly flexible product with a multitude of uses along with an extremely powerful platform. Look out for future developments as we continue to work with them on making Box and Podio work seamlessly.