Enhanced Security for the Mobile Enterprise with Box for MobileIron AppConnect

What are the odds of a lost mobile device affecting your organization? Pretty good, according to a recent BYOD survey conducted by MobileIron. 55 percent of the companies surveyed reported some form of security issue in the past year, mostly in conjunction with lost or stolen phones. With figures like this, it’s no surprise that as BYOD programs expand, so has the interest in BYOD security.

Protect Yourself: Box for MobileIron AppConnect

Box is designed with mobility, control and content security in mind, and many of our customers choose Box to help them tackle tough industry regulations and compliance policies. This is why Box has partnered with MobileIron to offer the security, visibility, configuration and policy management that IT needs and the convenience and productivity that users expect.

Today we’re excited to launch a brand new mobile app, Box for MobileIron AppConnect, that’s designed to work with the new MobileIron AppConnect mobile application security solution. It offers a seamless way for companies to secure mobile apps on a device while keeping a user’s corporate and personal data separate. For businesses that need enhanced security controls, MobileIron AppConnect also offers DLP features and lets admins set additional authentication policies in order to access and install corporate-sanctioned apps.

With our integration, IT can control the flow of content out of Box, as well as easily restrict printing, opening files in other apps and copying and pasting sensitive data. Additionally, MobileIron and Box customers can:

  • Automate app installation
  • Invisibly manage policy changes across an enterprise
  • Provide SSO to enterprise applications on the mobile device
  • Keep sensitive information off compromised or jail-broken devices
  • Separate personal and corporate information and settings without impacting employee’s devices

Want more details on the new integration? Join our webinar on May 21 to discover how to deploy secure mobile collaboration in your organization and learn about the new Box for MobileIron AppConnect.