Working with Enrique Salem to Deliver a New Enterprise Security Model

I'm incredibly excited to share that Enrique Salem will be joining Box as a Special Advisor. Enrique was most recently the CEO of Symantec, where he led the company to become a leader in enterprise security, after it acquired his company, Brightmail, in 2004. Enrique and I got to know each other over the past few months and it became obvious that he could help us as we continue to deliver our platform to the world's largest enterprises. At Box, Enrique will work closely with Box's executive team, its global network of customers, and partner ecosystem to innovate and advance a new model for cloud security.

If we take a step back, enterprises are facing a tremendous shift in information security today. During the client/server era, a perimeter-based security model emerged that presupposed information would stay within the network and only be accessed by employees. But today, mobile/cloud change all of this. The proliferation of new devices that are brought in by employees, the global nature of work that ensures collaboration across business boundaries, and the dramatic rise of cloud applications used across an organization all pose new challenges for enterprises in managing their information.

And along with this changing nature of work, a new approach to the security model is required. It's one that entrusts users to access their information from anywhere. It's one whose content policies transcend networks and instead follow the data. And it's one that allows employees to use the best applications available to them, and not be held back by tired and broken systems.

To enable the workplace of the future, a new class of security startups --and approach by all leading software companies-- is emerging. Products like Skyhigh, Netskope, Lookout, MobileIron, Good, CipherCloud, Okta, Ping and many others are helping CIOs and CISOs manage and gain visibility into all the ways data and applications are being used in their organization.

We will not only support this new approach to security by working with the industry's leading security vendors and partners, but also by building our own technologies and capabilities that protect our customers. For nine years, we've been focused on allowing businesses to store, share, and access their content from anywhere. Our mission is to ensure customers have the best possible set of data, analytics, and visibility into their information when using our platform.

We're looking forward to working with Enrique as we continue to both build out the ecosystem around Box, as well as introduce more capabilities into our products and platform.