Enterprise Security Goodness: Introducing 3 New Features

You know that Box can help you easily manage and share your content. That commitment to simplicity also extends to how we ensure that your content is always safe and secure. I’m excited to introduce three new security features that are easy for admins to enable and users to access.

Smart Links The popular shared links feature on Box will soon include smart security options allowing users to limit who can view a file or folder. Editors and owners will be able to set the option on individual files, and owners for the entire folder.

When creating a shared link, users will see these options:

  • Open: Make content available to anyone with the link
  • Company: Enable link only for members of the user’s company (users with the same email domain, like @yourcompany.com)
  • Collaborators Only: Restrict link to only collaborators in that folder
  • Disabled: Disable the link completely

Account admins can also set what options are available for an entire enterprise. The shared links feature will be live in the next few weeks. See it in action:

Trusted Access Building on the Trusted Access feature released at BoxWorks in September, we are extending the control and visibility around logins to also include mobile devices, Box Sync and logins from partner apps. Users can view and manage their own logins, and enterprise Admins can also limit the number of each type of application a user can access. This feature helps ensure Admins can limit where their users access company data. Once that limit is reached, the user must remove existing devices from his list of Trusted Access applications before logging in on a new device.

Check it out:

Groups AD For large enterprises, managing an ever-growing list of users and access privileges can be challenging, especially when employees are joining and leaving the company or moving to different parts of the organization. Luckily, Box’s new integration with your Active Directory (AD) groups can help make things easier. You can automatically populate your group memberships from AD to Box, including creating new groups in Box from AD as well as adding and removing users from existing groups. To enable this feature, please contact your Box technical support representative.

Speaking of AD support, we are also announcing the availability of Intel Cloud Access 360 in allowing you to integrate your AD and Single Sign-On (SSO) with Box. Intel joins Ping Identity (PingFederate), Citrix (NetScaler Cloud Gateway) Okta, OneLogin, VMware (VMware Horizon App Manager) and Simplified in supporting SSO on Box. You can find more info about Intel Cloud Access 360 on Box here: http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/Secure-File-Sharing/.

You can find more information about enterprise security at http://www.box.com/simple-secure-enterprise