Even More Tips for Using Your #Box50GB

Happy Friday, Box users! I'm here (yet again) to give you pointers on using your free 50 GB of storage on Box. There are hundreds of ways to make your life easier by using the cloud, so feel free to leave your own tips below or on Twitter if I missed anything!

Share designs and mocks securely

If you do freelance design, you know how important it is to get approval and feedback from your client during the creative process. To protect your work from being used without your permission, send your designs with a shared link that has downloads disabled. Recipients will be able to easily review your work, and you'll rest easy knowing that your designs are just that – yours.

Feel futuristic at home

Have an Apple TV? Box for iPad allows you to review all your Box content on the big screen wirelessly. Show off your photos or videos to family members, or review the latest version of your PowerPoint presentation while relaxing on the couch.

Access your content – without the internet

Have a spotty connection? With Box for iPhone or iPad, you can save files for offline access so you can view them at your leisure – with or without the internet. If you anticipate having a lot of down time (like say, during a long commute), this feature is sure to come in handy.

Project in style

Stop lugging your laptop to meetings when you have to present. With Box for iPad, all you need is a VGA-out cable to project your content onto a TV, LCD monitor or projector. We're sure your futuristic, Box-powered presentations will leave a lasting impression on coworkers!

Access your content from the field

With Box for iPad, you can leave important documents – like blueprints and sketches – in the office instead of bringing them out to a worksite. Check out the video below to see how D7 Consulting uses Box to access critical content while in the field:

Create a Global Folder

Ready to share your files with the world? In just a few steps, you can create a "global folder" with a personalized url (like say, Box.com/myweddingphotos) so anyone can access your content.

Use Box with Chatter

If you're a Salesforce maven (or even a newbie), our latest integration should get your pretty excited! You can now share you Box content directly in chatter, allowing you entire team to stay in sync across both Salesforce and Box.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks throughout the rest of our 50 GB promotion. Remember, our FREE 50 GB offer ends on December 2, so tell friends and family to take advantage of it before it's too late!

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