Feature Enhancement: Box's New Quick Search

When we introduced full-text search earlier this year, we made a huge leap in making Box's search feature deliver even more relevant search results across all your files. Just a few months later, we've made search even better. Combined with recent boosts to improve browser performance, you can now find your files even faster and navigate directly to the content you want to see.

Before, this is how search worked - you typed in a query in the search field and hit "Enter" to bring up your results. Pretty straightforward, right?

Now, as you type in a search query, a small window under the search field displays results dynamically as you type. Using the list window, you can either hit "Enter" to display all the search results or click directly on the file or folder you want to see.

So there you have it - Box search takes another leap. It's fast, it's cool and we hope it makes your life just a little easier.

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Post by Sean Lindo, Community Manager