Getting Enterprise Mobility Right: Unifying Device Security & App Identity

The following is a guest post from Shreyas Sadalgi, Head of Business Development at Centrify, one of Box’s newest partners for managing device security and app identity. This article is the fifth in our series about security, collaboration, and content in the cloud.

There’s nothing technology innovators like more than a good debate, and there’s a fierce one raging in enterprise mobility. The BYOX effect (“Bring Your Own X”)—where X can be ”device,” “app,” “server,” or even “expectations”— is fueling C-level discussions in every organization, from government to education to the enterprise. Recent discussions at Mobile World Congress and RSA 2013 are proof that IT is evolving, but there is still a lot to do to truly enable people-centric IT.

To get enterprise mobility right, we believe you must look beyond basic device and app management and directly attack the practical challenges that hinder mobile productivity and the adoption of more secure services. Box and Centrify share a vision: we believe it’s possible to deliver a seamless experience for business users without compromising enterprise-grade security.

To help you start this debate in your organization, here are three critical factors to consider when you’re evaluating a unified mobile security and cloud identity solution.

Create Zero Sign On Experiences for Web and Mobile

The first challenge we’re helping businesses overcome is making secure access to sanctioned apps and services seamless and simple. When a customer faces too many authentication hurdles, they’re more willing to “skip process” and choose an easier (and often less secure) path. With Centrify’s Zero Sign On and Mobile Authentication Service (MAS) solutions, we’re the industry’s first and only “one-click” access to mobile apps like Box.

Evaluate Dual Persona Support with Containerization

The next hurdle is giving businesses better choices to manage applications within Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions. Together, Box and Centrify are working with the leading containerization vendors to ensure secure, seamless access to content inside the container. Now you can pick your favorite dual persona technology—like the recent demonstration of the Samsung KNOX container at Mobile World Congress—without compromising the one-click experience or enterprise-grade security.

Seek Frictionless MDM and MAM

Finally, we know that managing identity, MDM, and Mobile Application Management (MAM) together can be a complex task. As an alternative to third-party MDM solutions, we help our customers seamlessly integrate mobile devices into an existing Active Directory infrastructure, giving IT secure central management of mobile devices. The Centrify Cloud Manager enables IT managers to centrally deploy and manage access to SaaS apps like Box, apply Active Directory role-based access controls, and run activity reports.

We’d love to share more with you. To learn how Centrify gives Box users Zero Sign-On access and provides IT with centralized management and security while leveraging the existing infrastructure, check out our upcoming joint webinar on Thursday, March 28 at 10am PDT! Can't make the webinar? You can also experience Centrify for free.