Got Your Free #Box50GB? Now See 4 Quick Tips to Make the Most of It

[box] This promotion has ended, but don't fret! If you have an Xperia or LG Android device, you can take advantage of our 50 GB offer until December 31, 2012. [/box]

By now, you've probably heard about our 50GB offer for Android and the Box Mobile Giveaway. Based on the tweets and comments I've seen, many of you have been busy sending all your files to the cloud – great! While uploading content from the Box app is a snap, don't forget that Box does a whole lot of other cool stuff, too: Check out the 4 ideas below for a glimpse:

Invite collaborators

When you create a new folder on Box, you can share it with collaborators or keep it private. While we've all got content we'd like to keep to ourselves, inviting coworkers, classmates or friends to the folder lets you really harness the power of Box. For example, I use a collaboration folder to organize notes for a weekly meeting I lead. Every Monday, I create an outline with ideas and talking points, then ask for feedback in the comments section. My collaborators can keep track of all this activity by viewing the folder, or through email notifications. By simply inviting collaborators, you open up a ton of new ways to get work done faster and smarter.

Comment, comment, comment!

After you've invited other people in your account, let them know what you're thinking by leaving comments below files. It's a fantastic way to give constructive feedback or just let a person know you like something :). My team and I use comments religiously as a way to get everyone's opinions quickly – without cluttering up our inboxes with endless email chains. Try it out and you'll never go back.

Be social

You content is a whole lot more powerful when you share it with others. With Box for Android, you can share on the go with the big "share" button in the app – just click it to quickly send someone a link to the file. On Box, you can even share your content with your favorite social networks – like Yammer, Twitter or Chatter – using the "share" bar. No matter where you are, it only takes a few clicks to send files to friends or teammates.

Access your 50 GB anywhere

Remember, your free 50GB isn't restricted to your Android device. You'll enjoy the extra space from anywhere you log in to Box, like a laptop, iPad or even an iPhone. Feel free to go a little wild and manage your content from every device you own ;).