Growing the Box Ecosystem for Anywhere Access to Content

Many customers choose Box in part for our rich ecosystem of integrated technology partners. These partners help Box customers of all shapes and sizes leverage critical content within the applications they use on a daily basis. Recognizing how critical the collaboration between these applications can be for businesses, we are always looking for compelling ways to help our technology partners get rich integrations into customers’ hands faster. To help make that vision a reality, we have built powerful developer tools, such as our Content API, Box Embed, and now the Box file picker, which has been leveraged in the four new integrations highlighted below.

Box for Asana


Asana, a web and mobile business product that enables teamwork without email, announced last week that it has incorporated the Box file picker into its Tasks. Asana users can now attach files from Box to the tasks they share with their colleagues for improved content sharing and collaboration. The integration is now live in all Asana accounts.

Box for Celly

CellyCelly lets any organization create simple, beautiful, ad-free, private social networks known as "cells." In these cells, users can choose any device to share group messages, photos, polls, and reminders. Celly’s integration with the Box file picker enables users to incorporate Box content into their cells.

Box for Jive

JiveJive Software is a leading provider of social business solutions and is leveraging the Box file picker to power how users can collaborate around documents within the platform. By typing an “!” in a Jive post, users can launch the Box file picker and include a shared link to a document or folder, directly within a Jive discussion.

Box for TinderBox

TinderBoxFinally, with Box and TinderBox, sales teams can close deals more efficiently. TinderBox allows your team to generate sales proposals with data from your CRM application. Now, its integration with the Box file picker allows users to attach documents from Box, such as presentations or marketing collateral, to those proposals, making them even more dynamic.

All four of these integrations have one thing in common – they let workers easily bring content into the workflows, processes and applications that are important to business.