How to Use Box's Enhanced Sharing Features

Sharing files is a pretty big part of what we do, which is why we're always looking for ways to make it easier and more powerful. To give you an idea of how much collaboration happens with Box, consider the fact that in 2011, over 135 million files were downloaded through shared links alone. Even cooler, the average box user shares more than 2 files per day and collaborates with more than 7 people.

 To make collaboration with Box even better, we recently updated our shared links feature for all our users. To see what's new, simply log in and click "share" next to a folder or file to see your sharing options in a convenient drop-down menu. Here's a quick rundown of what the different features do:


Set the link to "open" if you want anyone with the shared link to have access to the file. To restrict access to the file, you can set an expiration date or even require a password – these restrictions will apply to anyone not already collaborating in the folder.


Want to send out a link without worrying about company outsiders viewing the file? Just select the "@Company" option – just remember that users must receive the link from you in order to have access.

Collaborators Only:

Select this option if you want to point a collaborator to a specific file or folder without compromising that item's security.


This feature disables the shared link for a file or folder. If a collaborator wants to access the file, they'll have to log into Box and find it in the appropriate folder.

These features have proven to be pretty useful for my team over the past few weeks, so check them out today and let us know how you're using them in the comments below.