Improve Your Daily Conference Calls with ÜberConference and Box

If you've ever been on a conference call, you've probably wasted at least a few minutes trying to play detective. Little details like attempting to figure out who's already on a call or ascribing an identity to that mysterious beep that just dialed in, piecing together the source of ambient dog barking or subway-riding white noise, or pinpointing which caller just made an insightful (or maybe not-so-insightful) point can derail your call and waste valuable time.

Cloud-hosted and mobile-ready, ÜberConference is aiming to make conference calls less awkward, more productive, and more enjoyable. With features that allow you to skip entering PINs, see a list of everyone who's on the call, and keep track of who's speaking as they talk, ÜberConference allows you to focus on the discussions that really matter.

To make calls even smoother, Box has joined forces with ÜberConference so you can share and access your Box files during and after your meetings. Once you link your Box account to ÜberConference, you can share and present your files to colleagues without leaving the ÜberConference interface. After the call, everyone gets a call summary e-mail with shared links to every file shown during the call, for easy reference.

Head over to ÜberConference to try out the new integration, and make your conference call-eagues happier!